2015 Spartan Race World Championship


The 2015 Tahoe World Championship was held at the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. Just knowing that, I knew it wouldn’t just be the kind of ‘hills’ I was so used to from the 15 other Spartan Races I have done. But no matter the challenge, I would cross that finish line crawling if I had to. It was the culmination of my 2015 racing season, where I would receive my 4th Trifecta for the year.

Our 15 mile adventure starts off when the outside temperature reached 28 degrees. This desert rat grew up with temperatures over 100 degrees her whole life. Before I even got to the starting line, I needed to understand this experience was not exactly going to be fun.



“Who are you?!” “I am a Spartan! AROO! AROO! AROO!” There was no turning back now. We were off.


The next SEVEN MILES was nothing but UP. Reaching an elevation of 8845 ft. If any of you have been on the treadmill, you might know what 15% incline feels like. So picture yourself on that for hours on end, with up to 40% incline and less oxygen.

Mile 6-7 I dubbed “The Trail of Tears”. The incline so insane, we were all hiking up with our heads down, slower than a stroll in the park, contemplating why we do what we do. Every time we saw what we thought was the peak, we realized we had waaaaay more to go. This imaginary peak happened about 4 times.

IMG_9493 IMG_9494 IMG_9496

It wasn’t until the descent DOWN, however, where our nightmares began. Someone on a Spartan Group on Facebook said it best when he said, “One word will set this race apart from all other Spartan Races: the Swim”. I will say this now: for anyone who skipped the lake, YOU DID NOT DO THE SAME RACE WE DID. If you didn’t get in that freezing water for over a football fields length, you ran a different race than those that did.

Everyone called it the “GAME CHANGER”.


He says, “When your body temperature reaches a certain low, you become dysfunctional to the point where talking or walking in a straight line is nearly impossible”, much less acing obstacles and being fast and alert with your step. “You literally have no control over your body. What got people during this race is not the amount or difficulty of the obstacles, or even the 7 mile trek up, it’s their body going into a pre or partial hypothermic state”. No matter how much heart you have in the game, it could force you to quit the race. If you burpee’d out of the swim, you didn’t experience that bone chilling hypothermia, being able to continue more easily than the swimmers. 60 burpees didn’t lower your body temperature beyond functionality (and that’s even if they did them all. But I digress). “Simply put, it’s not an even trade off and again NOT the same race”. I heard about 600 DNF’s. Mostly due to hypothermia.

The miles of icy wind never let anyone who swam dry off or warm up. We looked like zombies out there. Lifeless. But I kept telling myself something I tell my trainees all the time, “I didn’t come this far, to only come this far”.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, we reached the dunk wall around mile 10. At that point about 85% of people were burpee’ing out of that in order to not get in that ice cold water again. I literally yelled out “YOLO!” and got in. As soon as I got out, I became delirious. I was acting like an animal, yelling, almost laughing, and if the wind didn’t dry the tears, crying. Everything in me wanted to get the hell off that mountain. I rolled that barbed wire like my life depended on it, welcoming dizziness in order to forget my other feelings: desperation, confusion, numbness.


I had a surge of energy and this incredible desire to just survive. Fuck time, fuck ‘taking it all in’, just get the hell out of dodge, Leti.

Through this last 5 mile stretch, my teammate Adriana’s IT Band started acting up and Jorge started cramping every other mile. But we banded together from the beginning: Start together, finish together.

When we started, we knew we weren’t going for time, as Adriana had a cold and we wanted to take pictures throughout the course. But when we reached Mile 13 we thought, “Hey we have 40 minutes to finish the last 2 miles to come in under 6 hours!” … then we saw the Bucket Brigade. We laughed and then said “Yeah, that’s not going to happen”. Holy Mother of all that is unholy. If anyone knows me, they know the bucket is one of my favorite obstacles. It wasn’t this day. About 1/3 mile distance holding, NOT big pieces of gravel that doesn’t take much space, but heavy, wet, packed mud, making it heavier than any other bucket I have ever carried in my 15 races. It wasn’t until I put that bucket down when I finally had a few moments of fun. While waiting on my teammates, I was helping people get over walls. I welcomed being a human step stool and helping them finish faster in any way I can. Especially knowing what they just went through.


They finally caught up and we dashed towards the finish line. I already knew I had to end my journey with 30 burpees as the final obstacle was the Multi Rig, but at that point, I was ready to do whatever it took to finally cross and receive that medal. Hand in hand, Adriana, Jorge and I made it. We survived Squaw Valley.

People ask, how difficult that was. In my opinion, 10x harder than Temecula. Again, mostly because of the swim, winds and cold weather. Take that out, and maybe only 3x harder. In hindsight (and only in hindsight lol), I am so glad I did the swim. It is what makes this race so special and memorable.


Congratulations to everyone who even attempted this race. And the mother of shoutouts to those who went for the Ultra Beast. To have to do that course TWICE, makes you superhuman in my eyes. Which made me realize, I want that too. Leti, Ultra Beast Competitor in 2016. You heard it here first.


FitBit Charge HR Review


photo 2

More wrist-based heart rate monitors are hitting the market, letting you gauge your fitness with a quick read of your pulse. But as I’ve seen by testing them out side by side this week, these optical monitors may need a little more R&D.

As my heart was coming out of my chest at Crossfit, hitting 180 BPM on my Polar FT4, I looked to see my Fitbit was idly sitting at 118. Wearing it day after day, I realized it was not a one time fluke — the FitBit is way off. The final nail on the coffin came when I burned 476 calories kickboxing. I have NEVER burned anything less than 600, and that burn was on a shitty day.

photo 1

I looked at and reviewed every model suggested on my Instagram, and most non-chest strap manufacturers make it clear that this style of band is for casual use only, and that they work only when you’re still, or hardly moving. For those looking to get a resting heart rate, sleep patterns, steps taken, then yes, wrist-based devices are awesome. The FitBit app is super pretty and it allows you to compare today’s stats with yesterday’s and so on. But in the end, the stuff that I don’t need or care about. I train HARD. I don’t care if I reached 10,000 steps. Or how many times I woke up in the middle of the night.

Our biology makes non-chest strap optical sensing a complex and challenging task. Unlike chest strap heart rate monitors, these devices use light to track your blood. By illuminating your capillaries with an LED, a sensor measures the frequency at which your blood pumps past (aka your heart rate). While ‘O.K’, it is not very accurate. At least not accurate enough for me.

My final decision is to stick with Polar. Although I’m going to upgrade my 2 year FT4 for a brand new FT7. In an ideal world, I would love to get away with not wearing a chest strap, but at the expense of inaccurate burns, I can definitely deal.

Functional Fitness vs Aesthetics


When I first got started on my weight loss journey, my looks (or aesthetics) was my only goal. Some people, especially those who are just getting started in fitness and training, equate muscles with being strong and able to do most everything. I am here to explain why that’s not necessarily true, and the difference in both.

Aesthetic fitness is the more traditional approach to weightlifting and exercise. Where the primary goal is to sculpt the body in a more desirable physical appearance. Functionality and performance takes a back seat with this type of conditioning. Most workout routines restrict serious muscle contraction to one particular muscle-group while the rest of the body stays static (or does nothing).  Although this style of training creates maximum muscle growth (hypertrophy) in that particular area, staying in this area of fitness too long can lead to some serious problems in the future – and most importantly when we’re older.

Functional Fitness is the ability to perform normal daily activities without undue fatigue. Functional training, therefore, is the kind of exercise which involves training for DAILY LIFE. The key to functional training is to teach our bodies to WORK AS A WHOLE UNIT. Consider the difference between a bicep curl and a burpee. With a bicep curl, you are strictly growing the bicep muscle. With the burpee, you are training your ENTIRE body to move cohesively. When you turn 80, will your hours of bicep training help you get out of bed and the shower without help, or will the burpees?

Think about it: When we were young, we loved to climb, run and jump. We LOVED to play outdoors. It was a part of who we were. Yet, absent from our adult loves. I think it was when I crossed my first Spartan finish line when this thought was rekindled and when I realized “looking good” shouldn’t be my only goal. People spend hours and hours a day growing the biggest muscles they can. But would they be able to run a mile without getting winded? I finally realized I didn’t want that to be me.

So should we train for aesthetics or for function? Well, the answer is obvious – Depends on what your goal is. But in my opinion, function brings the natural aesthetics anyways, but aesthetic-driven training doesn’t guarantee function.

I can spend 5 hours a day squatting to try to get a Kim K. ass. But will I be able to run a dozen miles straight? Would I be able to jump over a wall and pull a 200 pound body to safety if my man broke his legs in a fire? Kim K. can have her big ass. I’ll take my man non-charbroiled.

Spartan the F*** up!


photo 3

After running my first Spartan Race in Malibu in December of last year, I was hooked. There was no other feeling like the feeling of crossing that finish line. I was then determined to complete the three levels to complete the Trifecta: The Sprint (3-4 miles), Super (8-10 miles), and the Beast (12-14 miles). You receive the trifecta by completing them all in one calendar year. I have done all 3, but because the Sprint was completed in December, and NOT this year, I don’t qualify until I race it again this December. Damn technicality.

Anywho, one of my favorite things about the Spartan Race is the teamwork and comaradery amongst the participants. From the super athlete down to the couch potato. You’ll see all kinds of people running the course, and unless you’re in the Elite heat (those going for time), they’re willing to lend a helping hand. And make no mistake, if you don’t train for this race, you WILL need help on some of the obstacles.

This past weekend at the Temecula Beast, was the most difficult thing I’d ever done in my life. It was not only physically, but extremely mentally taxing. Going up and down 12 miles of mountain hills was one thing. Doing it in 100+ degree weather with a goal time and 25 obstacles was another. It took major determination to keep going and not stop for more than a few seconds at every water station or area of shade.
Just don’t call a Spartan a normal race – This is not the Warrior Dash or Color Run. A Spartan Race is a timed obstacle course event created to be the ultimate mental and physical challenge. As Spartan Founder, Joe DeSena says, (and how he differentiates the Spartan from the Tough Mudder), “It’s not a party, but a true athletic event” and even up for Olympic review.
photo 5

Here are some helpful hints if you’re considering a race:1. Come Ready
The SoCal Beast proved just that. Don’t think weekend hikes or a Crossfit class you took is enough. Shit… or even a prior Spartan race. Run far, hike high, carry and pull heavy… and do it OFTEN. Also, be prepared for freezing temps or desert hot heat.

2. Dress Accordingly
The less you can get away with, the better. You’ll be getting wet and muddy and you don’t need extra fabric bringing you down (I’ve seen jeans and just shook my head). But you will prefer some type of fabric to protect from things such as the barbed wire crawl. Speaking of barbed wire crawls, I’d bring gloves. Also, train in your race outfit to make sure it is comfortable and won’t go up your butt or fall down while running.

4. Them Shoes

I am so grateful I wore shoes with traction to help me speed down the mountain top without the fear of slipping and falling. Also, make sure you double tie your shoes as nice and tight as possible… if you lose your shoe at the quick sand, consider them goners. I’ve seen it happen.5. Stay in Shape
Got a few weeks until your race? Start training now. Hills, hills, and more hills. Your heart will want to come out of your chest. Train yourself to keep going and not bow out.

6. Love the Burpee
A failed or skipped obstacle will result in punishment of 30 burpees. You might as well start getting used to doing them as fast as possible to help your time.

No matter what, I promise you will have the time of your life…
photo 1

You Reap What You Sow


So many people wonder why they never seem to reach their goals. Or why their burns aren’t as high.  Or why they “try and try”, but nothing ever seems to happen. Those people who always seem to get ahead, well, they bust their asses to get there.  They get ahead on work ethic, commitment and effort.  If you don’t give an honest hard effort to everything that you do, then you generally don’t get the results.  I see people come into the gym every day.  They for sure spend the time there.  Sometimes even a couple of hours.  But in that time, they may do 20-30 minutes of REAL WORK, if even that. The kind of work that makes them sweat.  Work that makes them sore.  Work that might mess up their pretty little makeup. 


Imagine if you went to your job, and instead of focusing on the task at hand and making real headway, you did a little of this, spaced out for a while, did a little of that and then went home.  What would actually get done?  Nothing, right?  Once again, same principle, different application.  You have to dedicate yourself to ANYTHING that you want to be good at.  You want results with little to no effort on your part?  Buy a lottery ticket.  The odds of success are just about as good.  For the rest of us, we’ll put in the time and effort and get the results. It’s not a secret.  Join the club and get to work.


Started with a “Like”…


I think it all started when I saw his comment on someone I followed’s post. His tiny thumbnail was enough for me to see he was a handsome fella. I clicked his profile and noticed he was a rehabilitated fatty, too! I was instantly drawn to his transformation and his newfound dedication. I looked around and realized he was a funny one,  and was immediately drawn to him. I then thought, “What the hell? What’s a little flirting?” and started ‘liking’ a few pics of his pics in hopes of getting his attention. I now know he was on his IG as much as I was… Needless to say, he immediately ‘liked’ and followed back. What I thought was simple online flirting after a few weeks, turned into a mission to meet him when I found out he lived in L.A.- 2 hours from where I lived, in San Diego.

photo 3

It was around that time my motto was “Weights Before Dates”. I was a few months into my journey and was turning down any opportunity to meet guys and go on dates; which meant unplanned meals and ‘get to know each other’ cocktails. I was on a roll with my progress and wasn’t stopping any time soon. For no one.

photo 2

But Jorge was different. He had the exact same goals as me. There was no way he’d be like every other guy and was probably thinking the same thing when it came to eating and drinking outside of our macros lol. I went for it and asked if he wanted to meet in person. Mind you, this was pre-DM days on Instagram and we had to comment all of our plans and phone number on pictures. He agreed and soon after, made the trip from LA to San Diego. How fitting our first date would be a hike and a strategically placed cheat meal. On July 13, 2013 we instantly connected climbing up Cowels Mountain. True to us, we took handstand pics and pics of me on his shoulders and posted them to Instagram. Our first date, and subsequently every date thereafter, is documented on IG #jorgeandleti.

photo 1

One year later, we’re just as dedicated to fitness and each other. We’ve had our fights, just like any other couple, but in the end we know what’s real. He trusts me, understands me, and has the patience of a saint. And anyone who knows me, knows that’s no easy feat. He’s the Yin to my Yang, the sweet to my sour, and the peanut butter to my jelly. I have never been one to believe in soulmates. And even now think the whole concept is corny. But I definitely believe in swolemates… Someone who shares the same passion in the weight room, which in turn spills into every other aspect of life: Your vitality, your confidence, and your daily activities.


Just wanted to say, “Happy Anniversary, My Love. You are the epitome of a true man. Strong, caring, passionate, respectful, and funny. Oh, yeah and you cook! To many more years and a thousand anniversaries. I love you infinity and beyond.”

Top 20 Motivational Posts


I think it’s safe to say, when it comes to weight loss, most everyone has an idea of what to do… they just are trying to find the motivation within. I honestly wish with all my heart, I could pass on that spark that I had that day I decided to commit.

I know it’s not easy. Believe me, I battled with it for over a decade. And I get emails on this all the time.  So I decided to have a collection of my favorite motivational posts on Instagram thus far. With 875 posts, you could say that was a task and a half! I chose the ones that I know would’ve spoken to the old me… because I knew her excuses, her triggers, and her pain.

And I hope it speaks to you too…



People like to ask the questions they already know the answers to.  They just continue on their path to finding the ‘easiest’ answer. “How do I eat healthy when I like to eat?” “When do I work out when I don’t have time?”  The answers: You either eat well or you don’t. You work out or you don’t.  It’s that simple.

Weight loss isn’t magic.  It’s getting off your ass.  It’s making smarter choices at restaurants. It’s finding 30 minutes to run. Stop asking questions you already know the answers to, stop trying to find the “quick fix” and GET. TO. WORK.



When I slipped a little last week, I didn’t say “That’s it! I’m not cut out for this life.” I thought, “What’s a little indulgence when I know just how much harder I will hit the gym and and eat clean after this weekend?” I knew it would set me back a tiny bit, but believed so much in myself, and how far I’ve come, that a few days of excess wasn’t anything compared to the years of fitness that are ahead of me. That’s the beauty of JOURNEYS… they last a lifetime. Now… fasting, diets, and quick fixes: You’re doomed from the moment you slip.




Got in a bikini again, baby. And this time I didn’t have to drink my liquid courage to get off that beach towel. I pranced around in that thing without giving a rat’s ass if I had cellulite on my ass, stretch marks on my hips, or love handles when I sat. I worked my ass off and earned every single second of this moment. From passing on the drinks, to watching every morsel of food that went in my body. This shit was not easy, nor is it gonna get easier. But I know now, after 6 hard months, what’s more important to me: a couple of moments of indulgence or a lifetime of health and confidence.




After 7 months of hitting the gym on a consistent basis, it has finally become second-nature to me.  It is no longer something I dread doing.  The weekends, however, are the hard part.  It’s either tell my friends for the millionth time that I “can’t make it” or go and face the calorie jungle.  Don’t let my weight loss fool you guys.  I still struggle just like any red-blooded alcoholic human being.  Especially with football coming up. But your awesome comments, likes, and your very own IG’s are what I think about when faced with that struggle. I know I’m not alone. With the weekend here, let’s all remember we’re all fighting the good fight together.



Anyone who says they don’t lose weight or get fit to look good is a lying crock of shit. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it shouldn’t be the ONLY reason you work out, but don’t give me that high-and-mighty self-righteous crap.

But MY motivation? I finally realized I don’t ever want to put my kids through the same struggles I went through, as far as my weight. It shouldn’t take them 30 years to figure it out. I want to be able to take my kids (and grand kids) on hikes as a family and not raise them on chips and soda. I want to see them run for track and not make notes for them to get out of it. I simply want to see my family grow.



I just realized I ran 26 miles in 7 days. I didn’t run 26 miles the first 30 YEARS of my LIFE! As much as I hate saying “I regret”… I FUCKING REGRET not making fitness and my health a priority sooner. I used to be the girl that thought the cross country girls in high school were ‘crazy’ for running 3 miles…and now I know I would’ve done awesome if I wasn’t so fucking lazy.

Of course, the only thing I can do now is move forward and kick ass from here. But if you’re stuck in a rut or wondering “when” you should start, I’m here to tell you to MOVE YOUR ASS. Don’t be me… Full of regret.




Never have I ever been so afraid of posting a picture of me. Never have I ever had tears of anger in my eyes as I typed something. And never have I ever wanted to go back in time and tell this chick to get her shit together. Ladies and gentlemen, this is “the picture”. The picture that back in 2001 made me realize how big I was. Apparently mirrors weren’t enough. Who the fuck knows how much I weighed here, but my guess is a good 210, most likely more. From here, I would go on to lose about 40 pounds fairly quickly, on a 1200 calorie and strictly cardio regimen, and started what would become ten years of yo-yo’ing. No one really said anything to me back then, because how do you REALLY tell someone they look like a cow? This is why I don’t coddle or sugar coat around here. We all need a good kick in the ass and when I say “Get the fuck up and move!” I’m talking to the old me who needed someone like the new me to help her. Trust me… I care more than you think.




A lifetime of being overweight, even borderline obese. A decade of yo-yo’ing, and countless years of laziness, has cultivated to this moment: My ultimate goal weight photo shoot.

This day wasn’t simply about “weight loss”, as I could’ve easily taken these in July, only weighing about 2 or 3 pounds less here than I did then… but more of what I will have accomplished in one year: a half-marathon, a firm grasp on proper nutrition and fitness, and the mother of all NSV’s: complete and utter confidence in my own skin.




I have no secrets to give you. No magical wisdom. There’s no specific foods or exercises to target one area of the body.  I know a lot of you don’t want to hear this and most likely than not, have already asked someone else “how” before coming here hoping for another answer.

I don’t like when people ask me how I did it.  Because my answer will always come out sounding like a condescending one: “Hard work at the gym and even harder work outside of it.” Don’t ask how many times I go, what exercises I do, or how many calories I consume.  Because what I’m doing is specific to me and my goals. Stop asking and start DOING.  Do what YOU can. It may be just a mile walk.  Because if this is more than you were doing before, then there’s no absolutely no shame in that. This is YOUR journey.



I wish I could tell those girls they didn’t have to grow up jealous of their skinny, pretty cousins her whole life. That they didn’t have to watch the guys they liked throughout high school ask her skinny best friends out instead of her. That she didn’t have to drink all the time to feel confident.

It took me a really long time to figure out who I was. And I’d be lying to myself if I said I didn’t have regrets.  But I am making up for lost time now. And making damn sure the memories I’m creating now and in the future, somehow makes the ones from the past worth the pain. And so far, they are.




Every now and then I like to go through my old posts for inspiration on new ones.  Revisiting the journey reminds me of how far I’ve come instead of how much I have left to go.  I posted the model on the left as one of my dream physiques.  I remember thinking, it’s almost like asking a kid, “What do you want to be when you grown up?”… Sometimes that dream seems far-fetched, but if you work hard enough for it, guess what? You just might might make it! With the right mindset and determination, anything is possible guys.

…and the one on the right, is me. The dream chaser 💫



I was never a runner. And just started running last year; completing one mile in January, two in February, three in March, and so on.  My goal was to add one mile a month till I reached 13 miles by this race. Well… I did that. My initial hope was to finish this, my first half-marathon, in under 2 hours. …But with my knee feeling the way it has been these last 2 weeks, who knows if I will be able to finish it without stopping.

This bums me out a bit. But, just gotta do what can, feed off the energy of everyone here, and push as hard as I can. I have my babe seeing me off, and #TeamGrinderGlam on my back . Thank you all for your amazing comments and wonderful support.




By far, the most asked question I get asked is “How did you do it?” When I first started my journey, I used to get annoyed by this question because if they would take more than 2 seconds to look at my profile, they would see that I was putting in WORK.  At the gym and outside of it.

But now that I’m pursuing personal training, I can’t just answer it like that.  I UNDERSTAND that it’s not that simple.  They just don’t know. Just like I didn’t 10 or so years ago.  My answer to it will now be, “Because I was READY to change”.  I decided to make it my LIFE, not just a timeframe. Back then I simply lost the weight, and for whatever fucked up reason thought it would stay off for a while not going to the gym anymore and drinking and eating myself to oblivion.  I was obviously NOT ready to change.

I made the change to be healthy enough to run half marathons, instead of joining yet another happy hour.  I made the choice to want to hike without getting winded, instead of having a third plate of food just because there’s still a little bit of space in my stomach.  How I did it was to make that choice to love being fit more than I loved being fat. What’s yours?




As a future trainer and someone who has learned from countless setbacks, I can’t begin to tell you how important proper nutrition is for your goals. YOU WILL NEVER GET FIT AND STAY THERE until you get that shit on lockdown. Read that part again so you know how serious I am. Yeah, you can try some bullshit diet or cleanse and lose a few pounds, think you’re the shit, then gain it all back the second you stare at a donut. You have to get it through your thick skull that this is a LIFETIME. You might as well make it good. Know the difference between craving something and being hungry. You should NEVER be hungry. And if you are, you’re doing something wrong.

I always hear this gem, “Don’t you ever get tired of eating the same, boring ‘healthy’ food”? Well first, it isn’t boring if you do it right. And second, aren’t YOU tired of being fat? What’s the difference? You just have to chose which “tired” you prefer.




I had to sign up at 24 Hour Fitness again in order to work out with the Babesters in LA. I haven’t been there in over a year. Decided to do my all-time favorite TKB class yesterday. There’s an older lady there…I say about 60-70 years old who beat breast cancer. I used to stop to watch her all the time to dance her little heart in Zumba. Apparently she’s now in kickboxing too! She has no rhythm, the poor punkin, and the class is simply way too fast for her. But you see her WORK… and MOVE as fast as her frail little body can. The most inspirational thing you have ever seen. …I have never pushed myself as hard when I workout as when I see her. Glad to see she’s still there grinding. Do it while you can folks… You’ll regret it the day you aren’t able to anymore.

Btw, this is a pic of my Yeya, who turned 92 yesterday. She’s almost completely blind and this is the moment she recognized my voice after having not seen me in over 4 years 💕




People often ask me what keeps me motivated.  Well, at this point, it’s many things. My health, my looks, or how I great I feel after a workout, run, or race. This wasn’t the case in the beginning. It was more like a chore. So then, why did I go? Well ask yourself this:  Why do you go to work?  Assuming you’re not working a dream job, you’re most likely going to get a check. You got bills to pay right?  Same with fitness. It may not always be the most appealing thing to do on an almost daily basis, but the rewards always outweigh the work.

The motivation is not always going to be there. Hell, even for me. Believe me, I have moments where I look at myself in the mirror after weeks and weeks of training and become so dissatisfied with the lack of progress.  Then I just have to remember how far I’ve come; and not just in terms of weight. Remind yourself why you started and not let that time be time wasted. Keep fighting. Your future self will thank you.




In this fit journey, the hardest part of the body to train, is the brain. The discipline to stop saying, “Eh, it’s only a few drinks.” or “I’ll look stupid if I don’t eat with everyone.” and “Fuck it. I’ll just go hard tomorrow at the gym” (then don’t go). People always ask me if I have any tips on self-control. Well for me, it’s realizing that you can still have a great time with your friends and family without overindulging. Stop eyeing the food, stop wishing you could drink like they are, remind yourself that you’re there for their company, and remember what you work SO HARD for. Think about this very moment… I know you’re reading this saying “I CAN do this”. Prove yourself RIGHT this time.




I don’t ever want anyone to come at me and say, “You forgot what it’s like to be fat”… I will NEVER forget what it’s like. I lived 30 years of it.  So when I come with my no-bullshit attitude, it’s to talk to the old me who made up every excuse under the sun to stay fat. I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED.  But coddling, or excusing behaviors isn’t going to do it.

I had no idea my weight-loss journey would end up on IG the way it has.  It was just a diary at first. But now that it has grown into this beautiful catapult for inspiration, I will do what I can to make sure I’m not out there being all “Rah! Rah!” about weight loss. Because it’s NOT easy and have failed more times than I can count. You see me beasting out workouts, burning these calories, and skipping Happy Hour now because I was tired of not living this beautiful life. I used to think it was nice to lounge all day, and party and drink all night. That’s not living man. So no, I will never forget what it used to be like. I use those memories to fuel the new memories I’m about to create…




The self-control and the desire to workout takes time. You need to be patient in his journey. I did NOT wake up all of the sudden with no taste buds and be desire to run instead of watch TV. What eventually happened was that I loved what I was seeing in the mirror… No amount of cupcakes or TV marathons could break me anymore.





Imagine if you were blind…

Complete darkness.

No colors.

No views.

No beauty.

Just pitch black.


If you were blind, ask yourself how badly you’d want to see? If pushing yourself to your limits, could give you sight, would you do it? If there were a cure, would you let anything stand in your way?

What if you had to spend more time planning your workouts and less time planning your weekend? Would it even be a tough choice?

If a few extra hours, few more drops of sweat, and a little bit more blood was all it took, would you CLAIM YOUR SIGHT?